About Us

We love tea, and nothing makes us happier than sharing that love of tea with others.  Whether you’re a tea novice, a seasoned connoiseur, or someone who doesn’t even think they like tea – we want to share our passion for tea with you!

Our approach puts a modern spin on tea, while respecting its history and heritage.  Tea, no matter how you drink it, should be fun and enjoyable – not stuffy, daunting, or boring.  We want to help people expand their experience of tea and find new ways to include more tea in their spiritual and wellness practices, in their health and self-care routines,  in their dining experiences, and in their social lives. 

Our founder Joe first ‘discovered’ tea in 2016.  His hobbies used to be exploring the wide word of whisky and beer – an enjoyable pursuit, but ultimately not a very healthy one!

When Joe decided he needed a healthier, but still rich and exciting, alternative to alcoholic beverages he stumbled upon specialty tea.  He was thrilled to discover that tea comes in so many styles, tastes, and forms!  Tea can rival wine in its expression of terroir – the way the tea bush varietal, environmental conditions, grower’s skill, production methods, and even vintage can have a profound impact on the experience of every cup of tea.

Fast forward to 2023, when Joe finally decided it was time to have a go at turning his passion for tea into a business.  We’re really looking forward to seeing how this next step on our tea journey unfolds, and hope that we can share it with you!

We’ve created a range of zero-proof mindful cocktails which highlight the wide range of flavours that only tea can provide.  In our lineup there’s innovative new flavour combinations alongside twists on familiar favourites.  Our AF cocktails are full of flavour and boast all the health benefits of tea without the negative aspects of alcohol.  If you’re looking for tasty and fun alcohol-free drinks to spice up your social life then you’ll definitely want to give these a try!

Tea was first used as a medicine thousands of years ago, and in modern times scientific studies have demonstrated the many health benefits of all types of tea.  For centuries Zen Buddhist monks have also used tea as an aid for meditation, helping them stay alert and focused during long meditation sessions.  Today, with easy access to so many quality teas from around the world, we are all in a very fortunate position to be able to take advantage of the many benefits of tea drinking in our everyday lives.  We want to help more people incorporate tea into their meditation and mindfulness practices, their yoga practices and exercise routines, their healthy eating habits, their beauty and self-care regimens, and their overall approach to wellness.  We especially love to run events where we can combine wellness activities and tea in a group setting – tea is best when it’s shared among people, and the more the merrier!

People often think of wine as the ideal partner for a fine meal, or perhaps even beer.  But pairing food with tea is an idea whose time has come!  Our certified Tea Sommelier (yes, that’s a thing!) has extensive knowledge of the taste and aroma profiles of a huge range of teas from around the world, and loves to pair them with both savoury and sweet dishes to complement their flavours and create an exquisite gustatory experience which is greater than the sum of its parts.  We can match teas to an existing menu, using a range of preparation techniques to get just the right pairing for the dish.  Or we can help craft an entire menu around tea – whether it’s focused on a particular cuisine or region, or has a specific theme or vibe.  We know that once you start pairing tea with food you’ll be as convinced as we are that they’re a match made in heaven!

In recent years Matcha – powdered Japanese green tea – has really exploded onto the scene in the West.  Matcha makes a tasty, healthy drink and can also be used to flavour a variety of delicious foods and baked goods.  There’s a lot of interest in making and enjoying traditional, high-quality Japanese matcha, but not everyone knows how to prepare it at home.  We appreciate a quick grab-and-go matcha latte as much as anyone, but we also know that making a bowl of matcha yourself with quality artisanal ingredients can be a relaxing, rejuvenating, and rewarding ritual.   We run hands-on matcha making workshops to help you learn more about matcha and how you can make it for yourself using traditional tools and methods.

Tea is grown and produced in more than 60 countries around the world, and is made in many different styles – some well known, some a little more rare and unusual. Tea is alot like wine in that its terroir and production methods can have a huge impact on how the final product tastes.  There’s so much variety in tea, even if you don’t enjoy one particular tea there’s bound to be another you will!  We run a variety of tea tasting events for every taste and experience level – from wide-ranging introductory sessions to focused specialised sessions for connoisseurs.

We work hard to source high-quality teas for our customers to enjoy – so that when you attend one of our workshops or events and find a tea you really like, you can continue to enjoy it at home.  We’re still a growing company, and in time we hope to have a full online shop with a range of teas and related products available.  For now, we look forward to being able to sell a limited range of tea and teaware alongside our in-person events.

Do you need the services of an experienced, qualified tea expert?  We offer a range of consulting services – including building a tea menu, selecting equipment, and educating staff.  We also partner with wellness practioners, chefs, and venues on joint events that include tea.  If you have an idea for an event that you think should include tea – and let’s be honest, what event shouldn’t? – please get in touch.  We’ve love to work with you to make your idea a reality!